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Pseudo-Science: Dreamweaving with Ignorance

America, a great nation built upon the capitalistic mentality that happiness comes from ownership.  With this great idea, comes a burden of great responsibility to the consumer.  Anything and everything will be placed in front of us, with outlandish claims … Continue reading

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Porsche 918: Hybrid with balls

To the car enthusiast, what makes a car attractive?  Perfect in the minds of men? A car with some balls.  Might sound a little homoerotic, but that is exactly what this hot piece of car is showing the world. If … Continue reading

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3D Puzzle Game XL

Perplexus is a 3-D ball-in-maze game enclosed in a transparent plastic sphere.  By twisting and turning the sphere, players attempt to maneuver a small steel ball through an intricate maze composed numbered steps along narrow tracks. Additionally, some of the … Continue reading

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